Welcome to Bonham, Texas             " Home of Sam Rayburn"

My grandpa used to speak highly of his "good friend, Mr. Sam". I suspect that he had only shaken his hand occasionally, but that was enough to make him a "good friend". Sam Rayburn was the Speaker of House of the U.S. Congress longer than anyone in history including the years of WWII.  Family legend has it that my great-great-great grandfather entered Bonham in 1837 with a rifle and a money-belt. Bonham holds a special place in my heart.

Bonham is the county-seat of Fannin County.  Fannin County has a vast amount of rural land, because the whole county population is around 35,000 with 10,000 living in Bonham. Many real state transactions involve raw land or homes on acreages. Farming, raising cattle, and hunting are a way of life in Fannin County. Lake Bonham and Bonham State Park are two popular destinations.

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